Frequently Asked Questions

Is there anything that we should bring that is unavailable there?
Complete spares for your vessel, and good supply of any prescription medications.

Are there any haul-out facilities in the area?

There is a haul-out facility in Almirante, which is managed by Bocas
Yacht Club and Marina.
There are more haul out facilities in Colon, Puerto Linton, also on
the Pacific side of Panama.

Does your marina have dry storage?
Dry Storage is provided in Almirante by Bocas Yacht Club and Marina.

What does Bocas have in the way of supplies?
Supplies in Bocas have improved but marine hardware and most mechanical spares must be ordered from the US.

Can kerosene and stove alcohol be purchased locally?
Kerosene is available here, however, stove alcohol would have to be special ordered.

Do we need to bring cash or can we use plastic?
Cash is always good to have on hand for remote places, however, a VISA or MasterCard credit or debit card that has a PIN number for access to cash at ATMs is recommended.

What is the normal temperature?
Temperature stays around 80 to 90 degrees Fahrenheit during the day, cooling at night.

What about mosquitoes?
Mosquitoes are surprisingly rare in Bocas. In the remoter areas, or while hiking in the jungle, we recommend that you use Deep Woods Off insect repellent. This works equally well for sand flies which are more common, especially at daylight and at dusk.

Will we be able to do some onboard painting or is it too humid?
We allow vessels to paint by brush, but spray painting is only permitted in the work area. Humidity is a factor. Specialty or two-part paints should be brought with you.

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